Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Craig's Narrative Writing - Frederick the Poor Boy

Frederick the Poor Boy

Once there was a poor boy named Frederick. He was super smart, short and had a couple of freckles and ginger curly hair. ;
He was lonely, and called a weirdo because he was a loner.
Frederick wanted to be a normal kid with a normal life. He lived in a city apartment with a great view over hills.
Frederick's parents were always busy on the telephone paying bills or on the computer doing work. Frederick's parents hardly ever got to spend time with him, the only time they spent some time with him was on the weekends. All Frederick would do is all his 1 hours homework, watch some TV and then go to bed at 7:30. He would always dream about having lot of friends and dream that the bullies were mud every day it was always the same.

The End


  1. good writing and good work by dylan

  2. nice writing craig keep it up

  3. nice writing craig keep it up

  4. nice writing craig keep it up

  5. I like how you have more sentences in your writing good work.