Monday, 20 June 2016

Room 8's donation to St Johns Blockhouse Bay.

What a great opportunity to show our support for ST Johns
ambulance Paige, A.J and Josh.K

AJ getting her heart checked. A little over excited!
Some of our local heroes that serve our communities everyday!
Wonderful effort Room 8!

Matt and Corey were extremely grateful!
Josh handing over the donation of $380 cheque on behalf of Room 8. 


  1. Awesome work Room 8 !
    Everyone did and awesome job and thank you so much to the parents/CTK who supported us. We couldn't have raised this much $ without you guys.

    From: AJ.B

  2. Well done Rm8!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone did an amazing job at the Bake sale. Thank you to the parents and CTK who came and supported us. This was so fun.


  3. Awesome Josh.k your helmet was so big.

  4. Room 8 this is so awesome!! How was it? Did the helmet feel big Joshua K?