Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Some of our proud  Room 8 students recently receiving their certificates celebrating their learning over the last few weeks.
Congratulations to Isaiah, Sayonara, Zylus, Brooke, Naimah and Jacob:)

Cultural Mutfi-Day at CTK today. Great to be able to also honour St Peter and St Paul Feast Day         today!


  1. Nice one room 8!!
    It is good we wore cultural clothes

  2. Congrats to Jacob, Naimah, Brooke, Zylus, Isaiah & and Sayonara!!!!!!
    You guys and girls worked really hard in class so i think you deserve it. We all look amazing in our cultural clothes!!!!!


  3. It's great to see people in there culture clothing. It really represents who we are!
    - Also well done to the people who got certificates. You guys really deserve it. Keep the awesome work up Room 8!!!!

    From: AJ.B